image: Bespoke Laser Cutting

At Reynard Design we provide a creative laser cutting and laser engraving service. We are a family run business based in Swinton near Manchester in the north west of England. From a background of graphic design and crafting the lasers have enabled us to combine our skills to produce bespoke laser cut and engraved items.
With the ability to work on a variety of materials including acrylic, wood, fabric, plastic, glass, rubber, marble, granite and more, the laser equipment allows one to easily and quickly customise various products. We are unable to laser cut metal.

We have two laser cutting machines, a 40watt Epilog Laser with a maximum cutting / engraving area of 400mm x 300mm and a larger LaserScript 60watt with a maximum laser cutting / engraving area of 600mm x 900mm, this laser also has drop down front doors enabling larger materials to be passed through.

Our laser cutting systems can engrave with depth on non-metallic materials such as paper, mountboard, acrylic, wood, glass, marble, granite and many types of plastics or laser etch on surfaces of aluminum, steel, stainless steel and many more.

The laser can also score or mark with precision any details on most materials. We can laser mark or etch stainless steel, carbide, chrome, brass, copper, pewter and untreated aluminum as well as several other metals using a emulsion paste called Ceremark, when heated this emulsion burns into the metal leaving a sharp black image behind.
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